Abolish Minimum Wage -> Help Solve Illegal Immigration

Picture of US coins.

There are several issues surrounding illegal immigration into the U.S. from the Mexico border.  One of the issues is that “they [illegal immigrants] aren’t paying taxes, yet they use our hospitals, public schools, and other public services.”  In this discussion I argue that if the U.S. does not abolish minimum wage laws then solving the problem of illegal immigration will be much harder to achieve.

Why Government Should Listen to Special Interest Groups

Man with briefcase walking to US Capitol.

The role of special interest groups is to promote political ideas that some faction of the people feel is important… Important enough to spend their hard-earned money to be heard. But when the Government adopts a “no special interest groups allowed” policy which political ideas are promoted and advocated?

Income Inequality: It’s not a bad thing.

Although many view Income Inequality as a bad thing, in fact it is not bad. (image from bryangould.com)

As Humans, we constantly strive to improve all aspects of our lives.  As we strive to improve our economy, one indicator that many consider as proof that “the system is broken” is the idea of Income Inequality.  However, if we think about the alternative to Income Inequality, “Income Equality,” it is clear that Income Inequality isn’t such a bad thing.

US Navy Concerned with Minimum Wage Hikes – We Should Be Too

A soldier shops at the Fort Bragg, N.C., main exchange store. The effects of a raise in the federal minimum wage on base retail activities is only beginning to be understood. (Lt. Col. Antwan Williams / Army) From navytimes.com

U.S. Navy support facilities, retail shops, and Morale, Welfare, and Recreation storefronts are bracing for the impacts of the 39 percent wage hikes imposed by President Obama that will take effect Jan 1 of next year. Some of those effects may include reduced hiring, reduced usage of workers (fewer hours), higher food costs for military families, and about $150 million in lost revenue. This is an early indicator of how raising the minimum wage will impact greater society.